Banebranchen – The danish rail sector association

The railroad is an important and sustainable mode of transport helping millions of passengers on a daily basis. BaneBranchen – short for “The Danish Rail Sector Association” – seeks to solve today’s challenges to the railroad through training of engineers who are specialists in rail technology who can solve the technical challenges and bridge skill silos raise awareness about the railroad industry’s challenges and opportunities to its members to provide leverage for the Danish railway’s interests through information

The annual conference RAILcph
Every year, BaneBranchen hosts and presents RAILcph. Stakeholders across the Danish railway here get the opportunity to meet, greet and exchange opinions and views. The previous years’ conferences have been extremely popular with somewhere near a doubling of participants every year, and 2017 had around 800 participants.

The conference highlights the many challenges and solutions for the Danish railway through lectures from both politicians and industry and research frontrunners.

The conference is by far the largest railway conference in Denmark and is aimed at bringing together the main players in the Danish railway sector:

  • Danish and foreign railway professionals
  • Employees of municipalities, regions and state dealing with the railroad
  • Consultants, suppliers and contractors in the sector

Information about BaneBranchens’ conference can be found on

Invitations will be sent directly to member companies and previous years’ participants.
If you are interested in participating, please email