The Danish Rail Sector Association wishes a Happy New Year

30 Dec. 2019

Now that we have started the first days of 2020, it is time to look back a little and also into the near future. 2019 was a year where quite several large projects went “live”.
I can randomly mention a few:

  • The Metro Circle Line
  • The Ringsted Line
  • Aarhus Letbane’s commissioning to Grenå
  • ERTMS now also on Zealand
  • More of the existing train types were re-fitted to run on ETCS
  • And yet another part of the S-bane now runs on CBTC

Critical and complex systems have been developed over many years – 2019 was one of the years where these systems to a high degree were commissioned. The Rail sector is delivering the goods.

Again in 2019, the Associations activities supported students with their training with more than 1 mio DKK to the educations within the rail sector. We can see a rise in the number of accepted and that the courses offered to engineers are improving and becoming more relevant. This is necessary and we collaborate with DTU, AAU and the Danish Gymnasiums to ensure that the students are made ready to be hired for guaranteed employments.

When we look ahead, many things are ongoing. Electrifications and train procurements, extensions and upgrades. Higher speeds, more safety – better punctuality and capacity.

And we are assembling people from the sector for network meetings – more than 700 participants are expected at the conference 18 May 2020. And it is expected that we support the education of more than 40 engineers in 2020.

The Danish Rail Sector Association has the upper hand – what we are doing is providing solutions for the future society. We will contribute even further to the future climate solutions and to the compliance with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The societal tendencies are supporting our case.

With this, on behalf of the Board, I would like to wish Happy New Year.