Financial support for research and training activities

In Banebranchen we work determinedly towards strengthening the Danish railways through training and information. As part of our work, we provide financial support for research and training activities.

What do we support?

We provide financial support to research and training activities that can strengthen the railways and its players. You can apply for funding for training and research activities with relevance for the business such as e.g. the development of railway technical cases and training courses, support for Ph.d. projects, co-financing of courses, field trips, and etcetera.

How do you apply?

The first step is to produce a motivated application with a description of your project. Our most important screening criteria is that the application is technically motivated and creates a value for the business.

The final application should be forwarded to . You are also very welcome to forward an e-mail with any relevant questions that we will answer as soon as possible.