Your job possibilities

The need for engineers knowing about traffic planning, signalling systems, traction current, trains and tracks and not the least the interfaces between these technologies will be growing in the forthcoming years. This applies to both public and private companies such as authorities, infrastructure managers, rail operators, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

In other words, you are guaranteed an exciting and versatile career if you train to become a railway engineer.

Here are some of the most important ongoing projects:

  • Modernisation and replacement of all signalling systems with new systems where the signals are inside the train cabins instead of on the tracks – the so-called common European ERTMS on regional lines and CBTC on suburban lines (S-lines)
  • Establishment of the Copenhagen Metro City Circle Line with new tracks, signals and driverless trains
  • The Femern link to Germany and the linkage of the railway which requires an extension of the line from Ringsted to Rødby with new tracks and signals
  • Establishment of a new railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted which requires planning of new layout, new tracks, stations, signals and traction power systems
  • Extension of the Nordvest line to double tracks
  • Electrification of the railways.

Banebranchen’s member companies continuously seek qualified employees. On the page Overview of Banebranchen’s members, you can link to the homepages of each member where you can find relevant job postings.