Benefits for members

All companies working in the railway industry can become members of our association. A membership costs DKK 30,000. yearly.


As a member, your company supports the training of railway engineers and thereby helps to solve a general resource problem in the industry.


In addition, you get a wide range of benefits:


  • You become visible to the students at DTU


  • You can be invited to lecture at DTU and thus make your company visible


  • You get the opportunity through the association to offer project work and student jobs


  • You participate for free in professional events


  • You get the opportunity to meet the students, for example for academic events


  • You get help and guidance for continuing education by following railway-relevant courses at DTU


  • You get the opportunity for research-oriented development of your company through PhD students


  • You will receive BaneBranchen’s magazine Signal


  • You get your name and logo on the website