Join us at RAILcph 2024 on May 21st

Every year Banebranchen hosts the largest railway conference of the Nordics, RAILcph.
In 2023, the conference was held on the 22nd of May and had more than 650 railway-interested participants from more than 150 different companies.
A total of 64 different presentations were made on the day – from the very nerdy to the completely general and political. All about the railway.
A number of companies showed up at a stand, and many new networks were created. The conference ended with a conference dinner at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center.
Look forward to the conference in 2024, on the 21st of May.

Denmark’s largest railway conference

BaneBranchen holds RAILcph every year with a focus on experience exchange and networking. The conference has become the place where infrastructure managers, authorities, operators, industry, students and politicians from many countries meet.

About RAILcph

RAILcph 2024, held on May 21st, will be the 15th conference. RAILcph was held for the first time in 2009 under the name “Den Danske Banekonference”, and has since been held every year.

Find your way

The Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center is easily accessible by public transport. The conference center is located approx. 10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station and Dybbølsbro S-train station, respectively. Furthermore, bus # 34 runs right to the destinationen.