Training and support for projects

The railway offers many exciting jobs, and there is therefore a great demand for engineers with knowledge of the railway. To meet this need, a study line in railway technology has been established at DTU. As a finished railway engineer, you have very good opportunities to get a job in the many companies that work within the railway.
Study in railway technology


Hands on from day 1

In the teaching, you meet professionally competent teachers from companies that work with railways. You visit workshops, remote control centers along the track and get ample opportunity to test the theories on real railway projects. The collaboration with the companies in the industry also means that there is a short way to study jobs and project assignments. It can quickly lead to a steady job after you finish your studies.


What does a railway engineer do?

Peter Juel Jensen, former railway engineering student at DTU, explains about the railway engineer’s subject area.
What does a railway engineer do?


Support for educational and research activities

We provide financial support for research and training activities that can strengthen the railway and its actors. Funds can be applied for for educational and research activities relevant to the industry, such as the development of railway cases and teaching courses, support for PhD projects, co-financing of courses, study trips, etc. You can read more on the page support for education and research activities.