Best Study Project

In order to increase the focus on railway education, the BaneBranchen awards the prize “Best Study Project” at this year’s Railway Conference. The prize is awarded to the best study project that has been submitted in the past year. The prize comes with a travel grant of DKK 10.000 as well as the opportunity to give a presentation at the Railway Conference about the project.


2023 Ivan E. Martos

Assessment of Ground‑Borne Vibrations from Urban Rail Transit


2022 Jacob Grove

An effective solution to the problem of capacity at Copenhagen Central Station in the form of the contruction of a Return tunnel


2021 Frederik Wrona Holgersen

Analysis of a central S-train network extension in the Greater Copenhagen Area


2019 Julia Veintimilla

Battery Powered Rolling Stock: A feasibility study of battery electric multiple units in Denmark


2018 Joanna Lazewska

Alternatives for upgrading the Nykøbing Falster – Puttgarden Railway Line


2017 Mads Skøtt Sørensen og Jakob Rahr Bork Jensen

Combined Train Platform and Shunting Optimization


2016 Rie Jensen og Mai-Britt Rasmussen

Upgrade of Regional Railway Lines


2015 Martin Goodman & Morten Eltved

Linking the S-line and the Local line Traffic and socio-economic analysis


2014 Torsten Nielsen

Train Timetable Improvement Case Study: Fehmarn Land North – Ringsted – Storstrømmen


2014 Tobias Lang Høiagaard

A new alignment for the Jægersborg-Nærum railway line to Lyngby – A TramTrain solution


2013 Lars Wittrup Jensen

Upgrading of railway between Odense and Aarhus